The first few days have been amazing and a really good eye opener. I got the airport with all my bag ready to start my adventure it was my first ever time flying on my own, I was a little scared but at the same time really looking forward to meeting everything that I would be working with. So I went through the passport control and everything like that and then met everyone they where lovely. We got to the plane and I sat down next to two lads who I would be working with. One of the lads where in the same boots as me never done anything like this before so he wasn't too sure what we was getting home self for. But we all chatted and got to know each other.  After a 3 hour or so flight we landed in Corfuairport. The airport was tiny but still was I was happy to be at Greece . We caught a bus then a ferry and then another coach journey to our accomdation. At last after about 8 hours of travelling we arrived. And I was so happy to see our accomdation it was lovely it was like a 5 min
Tomrrow is the day that I set off for my adventure. 9 mouth Woking hard in the warm / hot weather so looking forward to it, but also very nerves. I am going to meet a lot of friends for life. It's going to be one step of my sailing advencture lets see where I end up at the end of the nine mouths. My goal is to learn new skills and meet lots of different people from all around the world should be so much fun but hard work at the same time. Let's get this starts ...........😰😜😘